Please feel free to contact me regarding custom pieces.  I have crafted several pieces for seafood restaurants and would be happy to collaborate on a collection of custom pieces or statement pieces for commercial properties.

713.557.7960 (cell)

My studio has been located in Houston, Texas for over 20 years. As of August 1st, 2017, my studio is moving to Dripping Springs, Texas.  Please call me to schedule an appointment.

Alternatively, you can fill out this contact form and I will respond to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Mr. Barber, I have written in the past, but years ago. My oldest son age 24, Jose, is an amateur welder. he completed HCC course and has a welding tutor come to our house twice a weed. Jose is high functioning autistic. He is now interested in art welding and would like to VOLUNTEER with an experienced art welder. He has his own plasma cutter. He is highly verbal, polite, gentle and needs only gentle supervision. Do you know anyone in the inner city or in your area, including you, who would like to have an earnest, hard working volunteer? He is not interested in money, only in learning art welding. he has made burglar bars, ramps etc.. with his tutor. Please let me know. Robert (713) 366 9592

  2. My son and I were in your class in the spring and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What are the three welders that you recommended? I remember that two were American made and one from China.

    Thank you for teaching!


    • Hello Sandy, sorry to take so long to reply, Lincoln and Miller are the two American brands and sells one that they designed and have made in China. The miller catalog you received in class shows the miller140. A 110 v. Machine that should cover your needs.
      Thanks, John B.

  3. I’m hoping this is my long-lost friend John Barber : ) If so, how are things going? It’s been a very long time! I’m contacting you because I’m trying to help Houston Blues Museum get off the ground and they need board members or advisory board members with museum experience. Would you happen to be interested in serving as either? Neither requires monetary commitment. Board member requires monthly meeting. Advisory Board requires one annual meeting but, more importantly, being willing to answer a question or offer advice as they progress–maybe a phone call, maybe an occasional visit. Any possibility you’re able to take one of them on? If you want to talk about it first, my phone number is 832-725-2195. Thanks! Reba PS–LOVE the fish!

  4. Hello John, I am on the Board of Directors for the Houston Blues Museum. Reba Koch passed along your name and said you would be willing to present to the board at a future meeting. We gladly take you up on that offer and welcome any nuggets of wisdom you have to share. I’m currently on vacation but would like to speak with you personally next week to talk more in detail.

    Warmest Regards,
    R. Michelle Preston
    Vice President
    Houston Blues Museum

  5. Mr. Barber, I have a son who is 15, too young for your classes at this point. His high school is VERY limited in teaching welding and will not offer the option to take their class until his Junior or Senior year. We live in the country, have a work shop and I wondered if I set-up a TV in it and purchase DVD’s for “Basic or Beginning Welding” that he and I may be able to give him a “jump start”. The internet offers so many. I read your class description at, but I am still not sure what type to start with. Do you have a recommendation for me, and if you know of any good DVD material, your suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much, Pat (a Mom trying to give her son some options).

  6. john,
    i have got some rocks, fossils etc that i need some custom stands for. do you make these stands for sale, if not could you suggest some one that does.

    • Yes, I have been doing this kind of work for many years, please make an appointment to bring your specimens to my studio and I will consult with you an give you an estimate.
      Thanks John B.

  7. John,

    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to take your class this past Saturday. I’m eager to don gloves and helmet! I really enjoyed your conversational style of teaching, the history of welding, the stories from your personal experiences, and obviously the exposure to the different welding/cutting machines. The volume of information you provided gave me a great perspective on what’s out there and what I can expect to invest to get started. Thank you for teaching such a great craft/trade/art form. I would encourage anyone interested in welding to sign up for your class, which fills up fast. I had to wait three months, then simply asked LL when was the soonest I could register, so patience pays.

    I mentioned I have a specific project in mind. Not even sure if it’s even feasible, but anything’s possible. I’m in the middle of studying for a graduate school entrance exam, but as soon as it’s over (Mar. 8th, hopefully) I’d like to circle back with you to see what your schedule looks like. I know you’re busy. Nevertheless, thank you again for the wealth of knowledge and for spurning my desire to weld. Like I said, I’m itching to fire up the torch(es)! Enjoy the cool weather.


    Travis W.

  8. John, I’m looking to learn very basic welding for simple tasks around home – like joining two rebars, etc. Can find nothing in the Lake Charles, LA area. Will the LLU class “Basic Welding for Beginners” enable me to perform basic tasks, or would additional training be necessary?

  9. Hi Mr. Barber
    I would like to get a basic acknowledge for welding, for a quote and Days available pls let me know, due to request this days of training at Houston.

    thank you in advance

  10. John:
    Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. I’m very much interested in taking your workshop after the first of the year. Please let me know when you have a spot available. If you ping me via email I will send you my phone number.


  11. Mr. Barber,

    I’m very interested in taking your welding courses but the site doesn’t show me the home improvement tab and I’ve noticed the comments here were from 2014. Are you still teaching? I want to begin learning if everything isn’t too expensive as I’m on a budget, saving for a home. This website is great. Thank you.

  12. John, thanks again for repairing my table. Please let me know about any upcoming welding classes. I would be particularly interested in the February 04 class you mentioned. Please let me know,

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  14. Hi John,
    Just wanted to say I really appreciated the introductory class I took this past weekend. I can’t say enough about you and your class. It got me excited about welding and took away any apprehension I had of jumping in to it. I’ve got plans to purchase one of the welders you mentioned in class very soon and will be hitting you up for some additional training. Thanks again

    • Thanks Greg, I know that is a lot of information for one afternoon. I am constantly editing my content for clarity. I look forward to working with you in the future.
      John B.

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