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ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be rebooting my class schedule in Dripping Springs at the first of the year, 2018. Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in John Barber Studios over the years and please come see us in our new location: the Beautiful Texas Hill Country!

John Barber’s Welding Classes
welding class with john barber

  • Basic Welding for Beginners
  • Project Welding Class
  • Welding for Women Class

Basic Welding Class Description

I teach a class called Basic Welding for Beginners. I taught this class through Leisure Learning Unlimited for 20 years. I am now teaching the class under my own name at my Studio near Garden Oaks in Houston’s near north side. (As of August 1st, 2017, my studio is moving to Dripping Springs, Texas)

This class is designed to introduce entry level people to the types of welding and cutting available to the Artist, Hobbyist, Homeowner and Do it Yourself-ers using equipment that runs on household electricity. This course is not intended for industrial welding or for qualifying for a welding job. 

My welding class presents the student with a hands-on opportunity to experience the latest equipment in light welding applications. We will cover MIG welding, also known as wirefeed welding, both solid wire and flux core. We will do some cutting of steel plate with a plasma cutter, and do just a bit of ARC welding

welding class with john barberAll this takes place in one afternoon from Noon to 5pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month. I limit the class size to six so that everyone has ample time to preform each of the exercises. Experience has shown me that a person can look at all the books and videos they care to, but in the case of welding, there is no substitute for a hands on experience in a safe controlled work environment with an experienced instructor at your elbow. 

As a teacher, I try to cut through a lot of the technical jargon that can be confusing and present this material in plain language that can be easily understood by the beginning student. This class is also good as a refresher course for those who may have had some exposure to welding years ago and want to get up to speed on the latest machines and techniques. We will spend some time with industry catalogs to show you a range of eqiupment from the least expensive hobby welders up to light industrial machines. There is something for everyone’s budget.

We’ve tried to answer common questions in our FAQ page. Please take a look.

These classes fill quickly, so if you’re interested, sign up here! 

Project Welding Class Description

I teach a Project Welding class in the same Studio as the Basic Welding class. The purpose of the Project class is to put into practice the skills you have acquired in the Basic Class. We meet for four sessions over the course of two weeks, Tuesday and Thursday and the following Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.

I only have four students in the class so that I can spend more time with you individually. 

In the Project class we make one of my fish. I have twelve patterns from which to choose. We plasma cut the silhouette, hammer it into shape on the shot bag, weld the fins and the hanger bracket on and on the last evening we paint the fish in tropical colors.

I have been teaching this class for 12 years and everyone goes home with a finished Artwork! Our primary material is 20ga. steel sheet metal. A very common but very versatile material that is available and not expensive.

The purpose of this directed class is to help you build a skill set so that you have a foundation to pursue future projects. Taking the Basic Welding Class first is a big help but not a necessity. Check the class calendar for upcoming dates.

Welding for Women Class Description

I also offer a Basic Welding for Women class once or twice a year. This is the same class as the Basic Welding, but only women are invited to attend. If you are interested in this class, please contact me.

Private Lessons

I will teach private classes to adults, as time permits.  I prefer that you have taken the Basic Welding Class for Beginners first, so there’s a natural progression.  Contact me at 713.557.7960 if you are interested in a private lesson.

Have more questions? See our FAQ.

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10 thoughts on “Welding Classes

  1. Hi,

    My wide and I are interested by your welding lessons. Noted on the llu website that it is already fully booked. Do you know when are planned the next lessons?

    Do you have any colleague providing the same kind of courses that you may recommend us?

    Thank you


  2. I would like to take some classes. Possibly the one where you make the fish. I currently have used a plasma cutter and have taken some very basic welding.

  3. Great class! Thanks so much. Not only was it informative and accessible, but it was just plain fun! You are a great instructor with a gentle authority and a knack for balancing safety and hands-on training. I really enjoyed my first welding experience and know it will not be my last!!

  4. Awesome class for the beginner and hobbyist! John is a really nice guy that has done this long enough to cater to each students ability. I highly recommend this course.


  5. I have been wanting to weld and solder to make art and crafts. I’m older, need to make extra income, and love art. This seems like a way i can accomplish all of Thessaloniki needs. Please call me, 713-548-6530. – Merry Dickens

    • Hello Les, I’m not sure my emails have been getting through to you. If you will communicate with johnbarberstudios@gmail .com I may be able to reply. My next welding class is March 11,Saturday.
      Let me know if you receive this.
      John B.

  6. I did take the Basic Welding Class and also the Project Welding Class and both were a true delight, everything technical was explained in plain language – John is a wonderful teacher and he truly covers all aspects of welding in the Beginners Welding Class. The Project Class is absolutely great, we had lots of fun making our welded steel fish, you have metal working / welding / painting everything in one class. I am so happy I have found John and his project classes and will be back soon for another fish in my new collection.

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